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Spend more time actually testing

  • Checklists with outline structure
  • Keyboard-driven editor
  • Built-in collaboration
  • Guest testers for extra help
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Adapts to your level of process

  • for Developers after a pragmatic solution
  • for Startups upgrading from spreadsheets
  • for QA professionals bored of managing cases one form at a time
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Perfect for Exploratory Testing

  • Steer exploratory testing with simple checklists
  • Works as a high-level guide
  • Or go as detailed as you like
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"Testpad has really made running test plans a breeze for our team. It helps us to dive into our tests, isolate defects, and provide context around the results." Luke Hefson
Engineering Manager at GitHub

Test management can be as simple as writing a checklist

Testpad, in one screenshot

Running a test plan in Testpad on an iPad Running a test plan in Testpad on an iPhone

Run tests on your iPad to free up your big screen

"We couldn't have ramped up our development schedule without Testpad. It's a core part of our QA and the Testpad team are exceptionally responsive." Ashleigh Lodge
Dev Team Lead at Neovation Learning Solutions

"Our QA team was lacking the time to write proper regression tests. We already had a much more complex and expensive tool which we never used. Then we gave Testpad a trial and the results were great." Vincent Kurutza
Head of QA at Digital Genius

Testpad is now in its 8th year and serving 1000s of paying customers

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