Testpad reinvents test case management as simple checklists that anyone can use

Run Testpad checklist test plans on a mobile to free up your big screen

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Free up your big screen! Run tests on your nearest iPad, iPhone or smart phone. Why switch between windows when there's a spare input device on your desk?

Checklist-style outline editing

Tests are one-line prompts of what to check, organised in an outline editor. It's easy to write, re-write, chop and change; perfect for keeping up with agile product development

Feels like a native app

Intuitive keyboard control means you spend less time reaching for the mouse and more time improving coverage. Write hundreds of tests in minutes.

Testpad's simple reporting shows test plan progress at a glance

Rich reporting

Track the latest progress with live links to interactive reports. See at a glance how much was tested. Print a snapshot and leave it on your boss's desk or email to clients.

Group scripts into projects

Build suites of scripts in projects. Drag'n'drop organisation. Populate projects from template libraries.

Build your own templates

Save common patterns as templates of your own. Have confidence that new products have got all the bases covered.

Checklists make for a very simple solution to test management

Invite 'guest' testers by email

Organise who tests what, when. Delegate testing to co-workers, or invite guest testers by email. Great for ad-hoc out-sourcing.

Simple tagging and filtering

Assign tags to groups of tests and selectively include or exclude them from test runs.

Auto-save as you go

Auto-saving as you go means you focus on the testing and let Testpad handle the tracking.

Easy import/export from your existing test management tools

Easy in

Copy and paste direct from Excel, Word or any plain-text file. Testpad makes it easy to edit and re-structure imported tests.

Easy out

Simple export of scripts and results as CSV means it's easy to get your data out of Testpad for analysis in other tools.

Safe and secure web hosting for your Testpad test plans

Secure hosting

Testpad is hosted on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform, with load-balancing to servers in distributed availability zones.

Secure data

Testpad's databases are replicated three-ways with backups made every hour. Backups are archived on Amazon's S3 long-term storage service.

Secure communication

All browser communication with Testpad, including asynchronous javascript calls, is over SSL-encrypted HTTPS connections.

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