About Testpad and its creators

Testpad, the app

Testpad is a web-hosted tool to write and run (manual) test scripts, pitched in-between making do with spreadsheets and spending serious cash on big-budget test-case management tools. Its checklist-approach and keyboard-driven interface make it really simple and really fast to put tests together, to the point that it feels more like a native app than a web page.

All new accounts start with the free Starter plan. It's easy to get your data in and out of Testpad, so giving it a try is simple and low-risk.

Curious? You should sign up for free and take a look.

Testpad, the people

Testpad Limited is based in Cambridge, England, and is the obsessive focus of...

Stefan Butlin

Founder, Architect, Designer, Engineer, Cleaner

Stef started working on Testpad in January 2011 convinced that:

  • small companies need cheaper, simpler tools to organise their testing
  • web apps should take more advantage of modern browsers
  • ultra-light teams can build web-scale products using services like Amazon EC2

Before Testpad, Stef was to be found at Taptu, Qualcomm, Trigenix and Cambridge Consultants.

(OK, so 'creators' and 'people' should be 'creator' and 'person', but not for long...)

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