Examples and Reference Lists

  • updated 7 May 2017

    by @testpadapp

    Testpad - Outline Editor

    One of the many scripts used to test Testpad. Exploratory in style but listing the main behaviours ensures they are visited during testing.

  • updated 20 April 2017

    by @testpadapp

    Testpad - Mobile Phone Interface

    One of the scripts used to test the mobile interface for running tests on Testpad. Illustrates how terse test descriptions can be and yet still be useful; obviously assumes the tester has familiarity with product.

  • updated 28 April 2017

    by @testpadapp

    Structure Example - Traditional Test Cases

    Testpad is designed for free-form test descriptions and does not provide rigid field structures. However, where more traditional test cases are desired, simple conventions can be applied. This example script serves to illustrate some of the possibilities for how teams might organise more traditional test cases.

  • updated 27 June 2012

    by @testpadapp

    Structure Example - Exploratory Testing

    Simple template illustrating how exploratory testing could be organised. Here features are simply listed in groups. Recording a 'pass' would mean 'no problems found'.

  • updated 5 May 2017

    by @testpadapp

    Structure Example - User Stories in Agile Development

    Template illustrating how Testpad might be used to plan tests from sprint to sprint as user stories are produced, modified and removed. Descriptions could be copy and pasted verbatim from other documentation, or transcribed into more 'test' sounding statements.

  • updated 9 May 2017

    by @testpadapp

    iOS App Store Submission Checklist

    A checklist to run before submitting an iPhone/iPad app to the App Store and as an example of the kind of testing checklist you can build with Testpad. Worth reading through at the beginning of projects as well as just before submission. [Not updated since 2014 so quite out of date now, but still serves as an example of the kind of test document you can build and run with Testpad]

  • updated 18 Aug 2011

    by @testpadapp

    iOS App Testing Template

    A template to use for the general testing of an iOS app. Not everything will be relevant to all apps, so import and customise before use.

  • updated 24 Oct 2011

    by @testpadapp

    Website Checklist (General)

    A general purpose checklist for launching a website. For websites with user accounts, see the separate checklist on security.

  • updated 24 Oct 2011

    by @testpadapp

    Website Checklist (Security)

    A checklist of security considerations for a website with sessions and user accounts. For much more detail, please see the info and cheat sheets at https://www.owasp.org/.

  • updated 8 Dec 2012

    by @testpadapp

    Online Payments Integration Checklist (Design Issues)

    A business/software planning checklist to help scope the design and work involved in integrating an online payments solution for a subscription-based service.

These are some example scripts (tests only, no results) to illustrate the kind of testing that can be performed with Testpad.

Take a look at the Screenshots on the homepage to see what scripts look like in real use.

Get a copy of their text content from github and import them into your own account using the Edit->Import menu.

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